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The world of startups is a world of endless opportunity, if you are able to grasp it. Starting from a blank paper without guidance could turn into great art or a botched sketch, and almost everything depends on who is holding the pen.  As a venture builder we create startups repeatedly by providing human and financial capital through 1337Works proven formula.

Together with you, the entrepreneur, we develop your idea from a post-it note to become the next successful company of tomorrow. Our common goal is to build something special, together.

Identify problem
Validate solution
Form team
Develop product
Scale & Grow

As a partner to a Venture Builder, you will have a co-founder that is competent throughout the entrepreneurial spectrum, doing the journey with you, and sharing in all challenges. 1337Works will be invested in the company already from when the idea was something written on a post-it note to when the company is ready to stand on its own legs. We will together put in place the product, teams, a value adding board, enter into the market and handle necessary administration as well as optimizing the journey with our vast network and our competent advisors.

The goal is to transform. Transform you into a successful entrepreneur, your idea into a successful company, and your vision into reality, together.

Our core competences
To always be one step ahead of the competition and make the right operational, tactical and strategic decisions
To continuously adjust the product to data and new insights, making sure that the product-market fit continues to be optimal
To use the right technology and architecture with the right development team and in the most efficient way of working
To make sure the company has the right resources at the right time, being able to scale up and get the right eco system in place
To keep the gasoline flowing, from seed through A round and B round
Sales and
To inject learnings from other companies, cross market and always have a great and clear offering

We house our companies in our offices, allowing us to provide all the basic services needed to function. In other words, all the easily missed activities and resources that are essential in the early stages of a startup but often overlooked or difficult to finance by yourself: Financial Management, Legal consultancy, Human Resources, meeting facilities, coffee and snacks.

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Our team has been involved in building various businesses. Here are just a few examples that we are extremely proud of. Will your idea be the next one?

We love innovative people.

We’re always looking for innovative and great people to join our teams, to work for the companies of tomorrow with like-minded daring colleagues.

Full stack developer
Lund, Sweden
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Innovator stories

Meet some of the entrepreneurs and innovators that have taken the leap with us
Henrik Ljungdahl
Developer and entrepreneur in the making
It was incredibly exciting to see how an idea that had been boiling in my head for at least a decade, but that always felt too overwhelming to get started with alone, was well received, encouraged and refined into an investor pitch in just 9 days.
Sinisa Dolinac
Project Manager gone innovative
For me, the best part of 1337Works is the multilayered approach. Most of people, when they think about their idea, have a tendency to look at it only from their point of view. Developers think about code and implementation, sales people think about the market and sales channels, etc. That is completely normal because our image of the world is shaped by our (professional) experiences. 1337Works ensures that an idea is assessed from all perspectives from the start, thus enabling a process that is less prone to error and ensuring the best possible outcome.
Are you interested in Venture Development?
Every year we involve talented students in our business. We believe in the power of young, hungry people with ambitions. Together we make sure that the interns get an worthwhile time at 1337Works while contributing to our core business. Are you our next intern?
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Our team has been involved in building various businesses. Here are just a few examples that we are extremely proud of. Will your idea be the next one?


Our team has extensive entrepreneurship experience and a proven track record. We complement each other’s skills sets, and share the same excitement and ambitions when we encounter a new software-based idea.

Deniz Yildirim

Co-founder | Chairman
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Deniz has extensive experience with creating start-ups, growing them, and running enterprise organizations. He has been successfully performing in different executive management roles for more than 15 years. Recognized as an inspirational leader within the Swedish community, he has received several entrepreneurship awards and extensive media coverage. When you meet Deniz, you quickly get inspired by his passion for entrepreneurship.

Anders Dellson

Co-founder | CEO
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Anders is the former CEO of Innovation Skane and a well-known name within the innovation community of southern Sweden. He is an ex McKinsey consultant, has a proven track record as an entrepreneur, and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them succeed. A particular interest is helping companies get the right setup - team and financing - to enable fast growth.

Mikael Häggblad

Co-founder | CVO
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Mikael has been involved in setting up the foundations of 1337Works since 2017. He has more than 15 years of experience in leading IT Management positions in the industrial sector; including Perstorp AB and Alfa Laval. A proven strategist and tactician who loves to deliver above expectations.

Tobias Håkansson

Co-founder | CTO
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Tobias has been working in the software industry for more than 15 years, finding creativity and passion in both software and business development. His analytical mind and determination together with his experience from building companies comes well in hand when turning innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Sofia Madsen

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Sofia has worked with accounting and auditing for more than 15 years and has knowledge in many different industries. She has a strong analytical ability and likes when she gets problems that puts her economical skills to a test. Driven by straightening out unbalanced books and to present financial statements in a correct way.

Mark Kalin

Director 1337Works Slovenia
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Mark Kalin is an experienced business manager, with a very rich educational and professional background. His vision to recognize trends and innovation has helped him transform many companies and startups. During his career, he has established living labs, helped with startup ecosystems and possesses a strong focus for building innovative platforms for connecting people and data. He is a disruptor, who loves testing and implementing new technologies.


Money is always in short supply in a startup. If your know-how and drive are the bricks, capital is the mortar of building your company, and when the business is taking off it is the fuel of driving your growth. This means there is always a need for funds. Unfortunately this means entrepreneurs need to focus on acquiring capital which means less time and effort can be put towards actually working with the core business. The compromise often leads to lack of progress or shortage of cash, both detrimental to the startup.

To circumside this generic problem, we have a very specific solution. Through our connected investment company and angel network the path to capital is short and direct.


1337Works has joined forces with the leading investors and company builders to create 1337Partners to boost the growth of 1337Works companies. Our investment partners bring experience and an extensive network of professionals within industries such as fintech, consumer goods and e-health. We cover several geographical areas; North America, Europe and Asia.

W. Jansson

Stockholm, Lund, New York
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Chairman PostNord and Accumbo, former Chairman of Semcon, Apoteket AB, MinDoktor, Svensk Handel, former CEO of Ellos, KappAhl, Europris

Lars Björk

Philadelphia, Landskrona
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Advisor and Angel investor, former CEO Qlik, Board Member Allone, FRISQ, board member Uniti Holding

Deniz Yildirim

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Entrepreneur, former CEO Varchar, Former Business Unit Manager Cybercom, CEO 1337Works, Chairman tretton37, Chairman Connect Syd

Tobias Ekman

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Entrepreneur and Investor, former owner/CEO Tosselilla, CEO Lundabryggeriet, Board Member Celac, Proequo

Pekka Lähdekorpi

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Entrepreneur, part-owner of family owned Group active in the Swedish veterinary business, former lawyer at Lindahl Law Firm (admitted to the Bar in 2017), board member Skånska Travsällskapet

Peter Jhaveri

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Owner/CEO Growder AB, former Senior Vice President BillerudKorsnäs, former Managing Director Tetra Recart AB, Tetra Pak Malaysia, Board Member Cellevate AB

Jörgen Haglind

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Senior Vice President at Tetra Laval Group

Björn Thelander

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Experienced entrepreneur and Family Office manager with broad international investment and industrial background. Former Managing Partner at Lufin Partners and currently Chief Investment Officer of Weybourne Ltd, the family office of Sir James Dyson.


Lund | Stockholm, Sweden

Our headquarter is located in the heart of Lund, Sweden. Lund’s strategic geographical location gives us great advantage with a world-renown university, a thriving business environment, and closeness the rest of the world through Malmö and Copenhagen.

Stockholm is home to an astounding number of "$1 billion-plus" companies per capita, second only to Silicon Valley. It's the core of Sweden's ever-growing startup scene, and the home of several of our own companies.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia have been spearheading tech development in several areas over the last years, establishing the country as a future hub for software development. Our office in Ljubljana gives us access to talented IT professionals and an way into Slovenia’s startup scene, acting as an entry point for our ventures in southern Europe.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is known for its fast paced startup scene and financial strength. Our office in Dubai focuses on attracting capital and new ventures from this city of endless possibilities and the MEA. It also serves as a clear and direct market expansion path for our portfolio companies


In the world of start-ups, nurturing of the eco-system is the key to success. Don´t be a stranger, drop us a line. A line about your idea we should start a company around; about you as a team member, investor, or partner.

And of course - you are always welcome to join us for a coffee in any of our offices.

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